Friday, January 1, 2016

First Page in 2016

It's new year...2016

A new adventure, hope and dream begins. 

Last year, have been wilder than before. Lots of unexpected plot twist. Secrets unfolding itself. You get to know your real enemy and hidden enemy. Lessons have been learned. I am grateful, I am still intact in one piece...although I looked otherwise. I am getting wiser and patient than before, which is good. I easily forgive and be  able to accept things as it is. The most important of all...I have learned about myself that I have never known before and I embrace myself in a new light.

The highlight of last year is one special and puzzling episodes of coincidence, and I have yet to unravel its mystery. Its kinda weird at first, then awkward, next suspense and now its hanging. I can't figure out what Allah SWT planned for me. Could be a another life lessons perhaps? Nevertheless, I am looking forward for the next episodes. Hope I pass the test by The Almighty. I hope for a happy ending.

I am looking this year as the starting year....for my three year preparation embracing 40 series, where life begin they say. Yes, I have plans which of course not gonna be revealed here. Suffice to say, I am into self improvement, InsyaAllah. I have enough of my floating ways and days...now its time for me anchor myself to the moment. I have let my self slacking in anyway possible...some sort of liberating myself from my norms. It is fun initially but like any sane person, I don't want it to be permanent phase in my life. 

And life...here I come. Get ready for me!