Friday, July 9, 2010

Cuppies for Girl and Farah

This is my old good friend, Suzilawati (we called her Intan)...after15 solid years without any words from each other...we finally met. I am so so happy to catch up with her. You see, all these years I've tried to look for her but couldn't...and with the help of technology, thanks again to FB..we got reconnected....it is such a blessing.

I have missed years from her life. Now she is a great wife and a mother of 2 adorable girls Girl and Farrah. But one thing will remains the same...her fighting spirit, she is very determined and full of life...
 Intan and I :)

Catching up with someone who knows the real me is very refreshing...feels like I am back in time, where I can be dumb and stupid for all I care...

Feeling joyful and wanting to make up for long lost years, I've decided to present special gift for her lovely girls.

So I made figurines of Farrah (short hair and pink shirt) and Girl (long shiny hair), additional is a bear (which I made for my bro just for fun)
 I'm filling the design with a simple flower cuts with festive colors..u can see the fondant looks glossy...that is because I've kept the cuppies in the fridge...so any creepy crawlies didn't get any chance at tasting it :) (but is not recommended though...storing decorated cakes in frigde would cause fondant to loose its rigidity and crack)
  As I make these, my mother can't help but to admirer my vast collection of cake decorating tools in my toolbox...hahahah...that aint nothing yet....and I daresay, I've impressed my parents with my cupcake obesession...hahaha...and now they know, how serious I am with this baking thingy.

The below left pic is of Intan's sis, Norlia and her cutesy son, Adib....my future regular customer as Intan puts it...while the right pic is of Farrah and Girl. I think both on them wears the matching shirt on purpose,do you?
Watching happy and delighted faces when looking at my cuppies are PRICELESS....


  1. suria..im so honoured and proud and happy 4 this blog u've made 4 me..speecless..pun ada.!! u just cant imagine how happy i am reading this blog about ME being remembered by U.
    TVM 4 d cupcakes..and they loved it so much..!!
    girl and farah bring it to school.and uve seen d pic that i tag u..even my sis and adib love yr cupcakes...!!
    Those days at ATMOSFERA is our best time after 15 yrs..!! i can say its a payback 4 d 15 yrs weve lost..

    im hoping one day u'll be back 4 good and spending yr time 24-7 with yr love ones..


    intan 78

  2. BEST FRIEND ARE LIKE STARS..u dont always see them but u know they're always there.. WE will be BEST FRIENDS as long as star twinkle in d sky..angels are there up high in d sky...till oceans dry..till d day i die...!!!

    intan 78

  3. wah, such loyal friendship... aku terharu... Sue, no reply?

  4. na..thnx for pointing that out...aku ingat aku dah reply...

  5. intan..thnx for ur heartfelt comments....u r one true fren hard to come by...with everything i have been thru here..make me appreciate our frenship more...coz I have few really true fren..and Amin to ur prayer..