Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roasted Chicken Lickin Good!!!

I just got back from Cheras...meeting my partner in baking, Nan (which I will tell u about later). I am determined to meet her this weekend, afraid that I cant meet her any other weekend...

Although I plan to reach her house by 1330...but due my stupidity (which I will not tell u) I finally arrived at 1430...and make Nan worried as to my whereabouts...

As expected, Nan would cook during weekends if she is not working....and that would be the only time I can savor hot home cooked meal (as I usually bought mine)...and today's menu is Roasted Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti and OMG...it is the BEST I've ever tasted...The chicken wat roasted to perfection, tender...juicy and tasty...I think I didn't went overboard if I say it is much better than Kenney Roger's.  I have more than a quarter share in my plate...hahah...The spaghetti is far more richer in taste than mine...it is the fact than Nan knows how to balance the taste, unlike me, I tend to make my sauce too sour! Boo-hoo! I wish I have pictures to show you and mind u, I eat my heart out....hahah...till I can no longer move myself (dramatize phrase only)...thanks Nani for that delicious meal...and please cook again..heheh....this is how more or less it looks like (pic was taken from http://www.jamieoliver.com)

After an hour, we went to a baking store nearby...I need to buy souffle cup and its boxes for my project this Tuesday. Being forewarned by Nan, I expect the store would have nothing much other than few basic stuff..but guess what? The place is great...although it is not as big as I would have liked but price wise, it is awesome...To be assist by helpful salesgirl is a bonus....and it is gonna be my favorite place...heheh...Owh. wait...the place name is D Hearty, if i am not mistaken...so please check it out if u r happen to be near Bandar Permaisuri LRT station....

Next week, if we are up for it, I might show her a baking store in Bangi known as Yummie.....as our usual venture in baking activites...
Note: Words of encouragement from Nan about my blog makes me excited to write bout today...TODAY...hahah...Nan, if u read this, leave your comment ya? 


  1. I'm not Nan but I'm going to make my comment anyway.... hey, I'm jealous... you get to eat such delicious meal... and homecooked too... Nan, cook for me too... since it's better than Kenny Rogers... wow!

    And su, when are you going to follow my blog. Let's meriahkan our blog gurl... come on, follow me....

  2. na...of course i would want to follow u....but which blog dear?? u hv so many...fening palak ku nangga....but i hv tried many times to be ur follower though...but i cant...will try again till i can...no worry

  3. my new blog is at http://akuxnonsense.blogspot.com

  4. kenak kau melepehkan dirik???

  5. roasted chicken aku more or less cam jamie's pun??? hahahahahha...mmg over! supan nyawa ku dengar eh...but THANKS for d compliment.

  6. mun kau nangga gambar ya nak embah2 juak...n nya pun lemon based...kak ya cuba kau nangga bekas n potatonya...sebijik kedak nk ko polah ari ya nk?