Cafe Menu & Price List

I am not a full time baker...but nevertheless, should u want to order from me...I am gladly to oblige (if I have the time..that is). It is difficult to quote the exact price because it all depends on the design...as I regard it as work of art and exclusive....but here are pricing guidelines...


Size: 2.5 oz only (coz it is the perfect size for the cuppy box)

Pound Cake
a) Chocolate
b) Cappuccino
c) Strawberry
d) Blueberry
e) Banana
f) Mango
g) Lemon
h) Orange
i) Pandan
j) Vanilla

Order quantity:
Set A: 16 pcs
Set B: 25 pcs

Topping with pound cake:

a) Buttercream
Simple swirl, drop flower, rosette etc, maximum color of 4
    i) RM 53.00 / set A
   ii) RM 83.00 / set B

b) Chocolate ganache
Drop flower, rosette etc, maximum color of 4
   i) RM 60.00 / set A
  ii) RM 93.00 / set B

c) Fondant
 Simple cut out design
   i) RM 80.00 / set A
  ii) RM 125.00 / set B

Additional price for: 
  i)  Intricate and exclusive design (price are based upon mutual agreement)
  ii) Cocoa buttercream flavor RM 0.30 / cuppies (for buttercream topping only)
 iii) 2D fondant deco starting from RM 0.30 / cuppies (according to design and quantity)
 iv) 3D object and figurines fondant deco starting from RM 3.00 / cuppies
     (according to design and quantity) 
 v) Lux colors - RED, BLACK, GOLD, SILVER and other dark colors
    (charges to be advised according to design requirement)


1. Cinnamon Date Cake
Size: 9.5 inch square
Price: RM 60

2. Heaven Dark Choclate Cake
Size: 9.5 inch square
Price plain: RM 65
Price with Choc Ganache/Buttercream/Whipped Cream: RM 85

3. Pound cake

Size: 9.5 inch square
Price plain: RM 45
Price with Choc Ganache/Buttercream/Whipped Cream: RM 65

What next?

To understand ordering process click here 
For quotation, kindly email via suria_garden@yahoo.com

* Based on my humble experience, Lux Colors such as RED, BLACK, BLUE BLACK, Gold, SILVER and other darker colors (need to check with me though) are difficult to achieved....and requires A LOT of color combination...hence, request with the above mentioned color will be charged accordingly to the design...means if ur design need small amount of Lux Color(s), small charges will apply and vice versa.

** Price will be revised from time to time according to the market value without further notice