Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bintulu Trip

This was long due posting that I wanted to share...about my trip to Bintulu. I went there on 10 June 2010 to visit my brother n sister. I don't expect much from Bintulu but I am pleasantly surprise how lovely and homey Bintulu are.
 Bintulu in some part, feels like and old town. Because they have this old growing trees that have been part of its lanscape for many years. This is what I like the most about Bintulu...rows of shady trees casting shadows on busy town road...and in certain point u feel like in an French village.
 Bintulu city is situated near coastal area...means there is abundance of fresh seafood...and it is very cheap too. The most significant Bintulu product is prawn cake (belacan)...it is a very much sought after and it is very expensive too. It was sold for RM 20 per half kg....it makes me think that cheese are no longer an expensive item to buy nowadays.
 Ah....and then there is Pasar Tamu...where all the good n great stuff in Bintulu are displayed for our greedy eyes. I'm impressed with the cleanliness and well organized market. Wish we have this type of market in Seremban.
 In all I love Bintulu (but not as much as I love Kuching)...its a good place to have quiet and peaceful vacation. Just don't expect lavish shopping places....but expect its quite uniqueness...
I am embarassed to show this but what the heck...this is a strawberry cuppies I made special for my family. My family is kinda impressed that I can make such cuppies (because as they know me before, baking is not really my forte....until recently)....see how squashed the cuppies looked? Hahah...its due to my rough handling while transporting the poor thing....lesson to be learn here? Place a double tape under that cuppies...to ensure safe transporting...hahha

Friday, July 30, 2010

Batik Collection 290710

1.Kod BS001: Batik Nusantara Silk - RM 380.00

One of the high-end collection from Kelantan designer....the motifs resembles intricate design of Wayang Kulit (Puppet Shadow - also famous in Kelantan). Color is soothing cool. Great for formal function.Comes in a box.

2. Kod BSJ002: Batik Floral Classic Silk and Jacquard - RM 320.00

Comes in two piece with different textile material, silk and jacquard....classic floral with a modern twist design. Color is a vibrant combination of purple and cherry blossom pink. A great fabric for baju kurung or kaftan -style dress...A heads turner choice. 


3. Kod  BS002: Batik Feather Silk - RM 260.00

A modern motif in a different tone of magenta color. The motifs adorn the peripheral of the fabric. Another fabulous choice for formal function. 


4. Kod BS003: Batik Floral Classic Silk - RM 350

An exclusive lively intricate design with a vintage persona. Combination color is mainly soft green and blue....with touches of gray for elegant effect. An evergreen must have.

Jump start Your Battery McGyver Style


Last night (28 Jul 2010) I am bonked! It started when I reached home, hoping to pursue my love for baking (as I was not able to for the past few days because of a bad flu) and  to my horror..I can't found my house keys!! Oh dear....I just can't believe this is happening to me....again (fyi, last month, I left my house keys in the OFFICE)..

After searching high n low...inspecting every reachable corner of my car, I decided that I MAY have left the keys in the office. Arghh......frustrated, I drag myself back to my office n search for the keys.

My story wouldn't be interesting if I've found the keys straight away, right? Just to make my life more 'happening'...I still can't found my keys....*groan*...Frustrated and in combination of my growling stomach, I proceed to KFC to calm down my nerve (hahaha....comfort food they say)....hoping my nerve will get reconnected n I'll come up with a solution....

Full n content, I set to hunt that wretch set of keys *grrr*....and walk towards my car....n the unthinkable happens....

My car's light blinked blinked blinked blinked blinked....well, u got the idea already? To my dismay...my !@#$ car is draining out of its battery. ARRGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

With my shoulder slumped low....I proceed to find my phone, hoping to get help from a friendly neighbor. Like a fictional movie, I can't find my phone (and I did saw it before I went to KFC)...and how in the world should i react to this?? Nada...I am so speechless to my 'drama' that night that I can't even curse myself...

No phone...means no number to contact...so how??? Sitting quietly in my car that still wont stop blinking. I think n think....and remembered flight itinerary of their flight in my email.....hope the contact number in it...

The silver lining is slowly emerging, u might want to add....BUT not yet....the public phone is not functional!!! Talking bout shattered hope! In a crisis like this, my adrenaline is pumped in high...n my mind still racing for a solution....I opened my netbook n staring at my facebook wall, then it hit me...I can ask one trusted person online to inform my neighbour. Turn out, one of my trusted student was online....and really glad she did...

My neighbour finally arrived....and there is another (yes...again) problem...they have no cable to do jump start...I am so ready to abandon my car right in the middle of Seremban town...

Finally, the husband have this brilliant but dangerous idea....'loan' their car battery to my car...so I can start my engine...and while its still running, he would replace back my drained battery....BUT...this need to be done super careful and a pair of thick plastic glove and a dry rag would protect from electrocution.

I am so relieved...and the battery still working fine....and guess what? My wretch keys n phone have been hiding in between passenger seat and the middle panel....*duh*

After a tiring day, I just went straight to bed....n my plan to bake need to be postponed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Additional story:
As pointed out by Nan...this posting is not in sync with my blog theme which is Good n Great things in life....hahah I forgot to add in that part. The good thing in this story is, I am blessed with few trustworthy people in my life whom went out of their way for the sake of helping me. Thank you to Rafidah a.k.a Pelangi Jingga who was helping me contact my neighbor and ensure I can get help, love you darling. And to my neighbor, Kak Santhi and hubby...so grateful for you kind help....Million thanks....May Allah bless all of u....

And another good thing? I don't have to change my battery...hahah