Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mini Reunion Teresian Class Of 95

Standing from left: Molin, me, Vin. Low, Intan and Ana
Seated: Michelle, Kin, Zyan, Sue and Yaya

Finally since 1995...I got to meet my long-lost friends....credit to FB for reconnecting us, to Kin for organizing this mini reunion and to Sue for introducing us to a lovely place called Atmosfera (located across Spring Mall). Special thanks to Intan for getting out of her way for me...Love all of u!!

Originally we plan to have it at De' Mamak....then Besaga (btw...looks so classy...will check it out later) and at last we settled for Atmosfera (I will blog about Atmosfera...once a got a proper pic of it). The place was PERFECT...i like the laid back ambiance, feels like we r at someones living room!!

Intan, Sue, Molin and me arrived early...followed by Yaya, then Kin and Zyan, next Michelle n Vin, Ana later and last is Low...The quiet and relax cafe became rowdy...hahaha...can u blame us? Lots of laugh, screaming and talking....yeah, we talk real loud, coz that the way we like it...Owh! How I miss that?!

And as a token for the day, I baked cuppies for us....as my appreciation to this event. Thanks for the compliments and sincere comments....I will make it better next time...I promise!

Catching up is the best thing to do when u r in your thirties...it reminds u of your innocent years and realize how much the same or different u r now...and I am looking forward for more reunion such as this...till we meet again my friend!

Great time posing with cuppies...love to see happy face enjoying my cuppies...that is what I call, baking with love...

Note: Sadly, we can't reach some of u although we have openly discuss and make the invitation in FB in our St3 Class 95 group...please forgive our lacking effort in ensuring your invitation but please be assured that we REALLY want ALL of you to come ...hopefully we could make a proper plan next time (be sure to catch up with ur FB St3 Class 95 group once a while) so we can meet soon...love to hear from you....

Please do share our great moments in comments section below....jot in the most memorable moments for u that day...


  1. Kenangan Yang Terindah for me.Tq so much Su,for the cup cake.N to all my frens,just want to say "BIARLAH PERSAHABATAN BERKEKALAN HINGGA HUJUNG NYAWA,DAN BUKAN PERMUSUHAN YANG D CARI".Luv u all.n hopely we will do the next reunion.coming soon.hehe..LUV St3 Class 95 group.N luv St3 skol..

  2. You are my friend and I hope you know that's true.
    No matter what happens I will stand by you.
    I'll be there for you whenever you need.
    To lend you a hand to do a good deed.
    So just call on me when you need me my friend.
    I will always be there.
    I Love all my frens.

  3. nice kin...so lovely...

    u r so welcome...and gladly to do it, coz i bake wif love heheh

  4. suria..this is d day that ive been waiting since school days...ya Allah berkatilah pesahabatan kami..hingga ke akhir hayat(aisheh.! touching..)
    d first reunion with sylvia and this second reunion will be kept in my heart and memories even if im old like YETTA(nanny)..its like miracle 4 me to be reconnect again with u and others. 4 me u r like d eldest sister amongst us nd will be LOVE AND REMEMBERED 4 d rest of our life.
    TVM 4 d cupcakes u baked us and it means a lot coz i know its comes with a 'secret recipe'..and d secret recipe is LOVE & FRIENDSHIP..

    suria ..my girl love d cupcakes u baked 4 them..they share it with my sis,adib and thier friend at school..
    thanks like a million times and hope u come back 4 good one day..and i will wait 4 that day to come..

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  6. intan..thanks for ur sweet, kind n touching words...who would have guessed we finally meet up again? Allah is Great....at times when i feels alone, He present me with u to brightened my day :P...

    my life now feels at home n in complete circle knowing that I have a TRUE friend backing me up...and I am so touched by ur sincerity

    i always reminisce about our school years and often wonder how r u doing...i am excited to see that you lead a FABULOUS life now...

    may we will have lasting sisterhood...love u...muahsss :)

    p/s: check this out-->