Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Feeding Cimo His Pills

Cimo is not doing well...as i suspected earlier on...he may be a little anemic caused by blood parasite infection. He have gotten this before at 6 month old. His rich grey fur color fades and lost its luster, he loose lots of hair and i  think he lost his weight too. Since I am back from weekend visit to my mother's...his voice lost its volume. His meowing sounds like a kitten as if he have lost his strength and energy. I am troubled.

Resting after the ordeal of feeding him meds

The last time I fed him medicine;he was 6 months old. I was chasing him around the house and try to pin him down on the sofa. Success rate: 2%; as he breaks away from my hold and would spit it out pills most of the time. Weighing almost 4 kg, I can't wrap him around in face towel like I did when he was 3 months old. I assumed he would wriggle hard and break free easily because of his strength. Exasperated by this, i device a sneaky plan.

First: Get Cimo to relax and complacent by petting him
Second: Get him into laying on his back
Third: Make sure he is really 'high' from TLC...and the moment he closed his eyes, pry open his mouth by inserting a finger between closed teeth
Fourth: Quickly shove the pill in and close it; quickly but gently rubbed his neck to ease swallowing

The plan actually worked!! Yeeehawwww....

A baby boy who loves to cuddle...demand attention when and where he see fits

Deja Vu sets in...as today i have given him the same medication like before which consist of an antibiotic and vitamin B. The difference is: Double dosage for antibiotics accordingly to his body weight and the vitamin B is in a pill form. 

Trying to use the petting tactic, I failed! Cimo have grown wise and smart...and was able to 'sniff' my sneaky agenda (the curse of having smart cat!). After a few failures, i decided to give the old wrapping towel tactic a try.

Don;t have the heart to say no to this cuteness

I laid Cimo on a towel spread. He lay perfectly still on it...content to be wrapped around like a baby; even though he was caged for days (to protect Cumi and he litter). Cradling him, I make sure his front legs tucked neatly beneath the towel and pet hi till he is comfortable and high...and like before, i pry open his mouth...shove a pill inside and quickly rubbed his neck. He have been a good boy...and I cradle him for a while, enjoying his submissive demeanor (he look so adorable like that...not grumpy like his usual self) before he started to break away from me. Back  to the cage Cimo...sorry!

Note: Feeling like a good fur mommy....like the boss. Hahaha