Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Test Kitchen #1: Roasted Chicken

I am adventurous in cooking. More often than not, I am cooking with whatever I have in hand. More often than not, it is palatable. To my taste, that is...heheh...Once in a blue moon, others liked my creation. In reality, I am not a good cook...I cook just bcoz I need to eat or I get inspired by watching cooking show.

For my very first Test Kitchen entry, I would to share with you my experience roasting 1/4 chicken.  Jamie Oliver always enticed me with his laid back style and yet savory cooking. When it comes to roasting chicken, Jamie is my idol. He always make it look very easy and yet it turn out really moist and tender. But, Nan's chicken roast have really push me to try my own.

So, one day in Ramadhan...I decided to wear my adventurous hat. Afterall, what can go wrong with roasting chicken??

Here is my recipe (I need to remind you that this recipe is palatable but NOT a foolproof recipe and  NOT 'THAT' GREAT):

Ingredient: Garlic, Ginger, Black Pepper, Butter, Salt, Soy sauce, Oyster Sauce Powder herbs: White Cumin, Aniseed, Coriander, Paprika, Lemon juice & zest

I mixed all the ingredient and balancing the taste the best I can (really need more experiment in this). I've marinate the chicken for 30 min (but the longer the better). Then I pour in the chicken  in aluminium foil envelope and baked in oven at 230C for 40 min or so (not really good in guessing when the chicken would cook). I didn't throw away left over marinate mix...but instead I cooked it over low fire and add in butter and flour for improving its texture to creamy-like sauce. Adjust the taste accordingly and walla....my own roasted chicken....
The verdict: The taste is okay...but I need to adjust the sauce recipe as it is too sour for my taste....maybe add some minced veggie, more flour? I would like to try again...and we will see how it goes :)
But, it looks very yummy, right? Hehehe the art of presenting ur food is important.

The end of Test Kitchen #1. Will see u in the next experiment.

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