Monday, December 20, 2010

Test Kitchen #2: Korean Pancake

Korean drama have made a huge impact in my life. Not only I am crazy over Korean actors an singers, I also get fascinated by Korean language, food and culture. I can't help but noticing a dish Korean called as pancake. This is not the usual pancake we always remember, its have its own unique mix of ingredient. The first thing you would notice is, korean pancake is filled with veggie...this made breakfast a healthy affair.

It is so GOOD that I made this as my break fasting month dish more than once. It is not difficult to make....just need patience in julienned most of its ingredient like carrots, zucchini and such.

I do encourage you to try. So here are the ingredients: Spring onion, carrot, zucchini/cucumber, mushroom, garlic, oyster sauce. tomato sauce, eggs, all purpose hour, salt, black pepper.

First: Make a thin batter by mixing flour, salt and black pepper. Add in tomato sauce to taste.
Second: Whipped eggs and add in oyster sauce for taste.
Third: Julienned carrots, cucumber/zucchini, thinly sliced mushrooms, chop spring onions, garlic

Fourth: Grease the pan well
Fifth: Scatter the veggie on pan, and pour in the thin batter. Let it half cooked and poured in thin layer off eggs mix
Sixth: Turned over the pancake and wait till it is done...

And there is your very own Korean pancake. The good thing about Korean pancake is you can use any ingredients of your choice....as long as you are cooking it the same way...that is, mix veggie in thin batter layered with eggs mixed....

Well, this is for now. See you next in my Test Kitchen. Muahss....

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