Monday, August 27, 2012

Smile Today

A flower pot...given by a dear student for my birthday...but to this day, I am not sure the name of this plant. Anybody can tell me?

Driving across the town to my workplace in this grey weather was depressing. In this wet and cold weather, nothing is more endearing to me than my soft fluffy pillows and warm bed...owh the feel! Albeit the gloomy mood that surrounds me, I am all smile today when I listened to Panggilan Hangit and Gotcha segment on the radio (both are by different radio station). Both have the same concept: Trolling. I am not going to re-live the story here...cause i know it wont be funny as it should be...But I feel amazingly lifted up...we need that....someone or something that gonna inject happy molecule (metaphorically speaking...and I am not referring to illegal substances) inside our blood vessel...even for a nano second...it is worth to have a smile in a day...because today is a beautiful day. Happy working peeps! 

Note: The pic is not related to my entry...I know...I have tons of pic worth ranting about...but I am just plain lazy to insert watermark in...haha

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