Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quest for a special PEN

My search is finally over. I have finally decided to purchase Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch CTH 470 and its wireless adapter. For those who are not familiar with this...it is actually a digital pen with touch able pad (means we can sort of touchscreen remotely...err can you get it?). Some may wonder...why in the world would I be into this graphic (as it is generally known) since it is basically use by artist and photo editor professionals? Here is my long version answer...

Since Samsung Galaxy Note make it first appearance, the first feature that really caught my heart is the S pen. The idea of writing instead of typing on flat surface is more than appealing. It is a must!!! There is time when I do seriously thinking of selling my newly acquired Samsung Galaxy SII....just to own that GNote, But somewhere in between..I've got my senses straight up (btw, a SA in Samsung convince me that my version of SII is a better one...making me more attached to it)...so I have forgone my wants to own Gnote.

I stumble across many educational videos, teaching audience with diagram will be drawn along. I found that it is a better way of teaching. The problem is, if I try to draw on white board while teaching, it is not ergonomic friendly that is I would end up talking to the white board most of the time! So, I started to search for a software that record my screen. After hunting for vast selection of software, I came across something that is usable and free. But then it dawn to me: I can't draw diagram with a mouse. So the dilemma begins....

A simple solution is just to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Yeah....it is fine alright. By the way I see it, there will be a redundancy of usage. I am afraid I would neglect my much beloved SII.  While GNote 10.1 is full of amazing features, it is still not for heavy usage. Heavy in terms of its ability to support powerful software. But the ability to record drawing process with such ease make its place in my consideration despite the possibility to flatten my bank account.

Then comes the Samsung Hybrid Window 8...which I have known earlier....and its launch will come around soon. This baby have all the requirement that I want...it is a tablet that can transform to netbook with a pen and operates on window...it can't get any cooler that this! This would be a perfect substitute for my old and well use HP Mini netbook (on which I am typing this entry now). Unfortunately, the price would definitely out of my sensible reach. Come on....who would want to pay 6k for a gadget that would be easily become obsolete in within 3 years time?

My last resort is to find a mouse in a pen form. A deeper search lead me to this WACOM lines of product (even GNote 10.1 pen feature is coming from WACOM technology). Wow! There is wide range of products, features and usability of this gadget. You could have a mouse in pen form or have this smart pen that could facilitates in serious sketching and photo editing plus the touch pad that allow you to simply use hands gesture to control whatever you have on your screen. I am in. Gonna buy it. But........wait!!! What? The nib (the tip of the pen) wears off easily? I dont want to spent another cent after purchase. I want it to be money free maintenance. Again, I am dumbstruck and really left with GNote 10.1 option.

My gut tells me, there must be some way around the WACOM nib situation. And I am right!! Some genius out there found a cheap alternative to replace the nib. You can watch the video here.

Image coutesy from Lelong.com website

Today, I am awaiting my brother to query its price....seller price since he is the IT bussiness....hopefully I could shave hundreds in discount. That would be AWESOME...


  1. seriously. i believe the purpose and features of my HP Note are dangerously under utilised.
    frankly, i decided o Note 1 because it was latest in market and ..of course..the big screen.

  2. nana....hoho...mun aku...ada jak menda yg ku polah dgn pen ya.....sorry aku sik alert bila komen tok masuk