Sunday, July 18, 2010

Standard design vs Intricate design

 Standard design by my own definition is any design which can be easily done by different piping tips...like most flowers (exception to roses and other 3D looking flowers), basic shapes (like stars, heart etc) and writings. The design can be seen as simple with a combination color of  4 or less. Example of simple design such as here.

 Example illustration of intricate design (pic was taken from http://www.mysweetandsaucy.com)

Intricate design however is a design where I need to draw freehand, which consume lot of time and energy. Also, it refers to a design with heavy n full decoration (even with easy techniques) and 3D flowers . A requirement of more than 4 colors combination are considered  intricate design .

This is a subjective matter, hence full detail and discussion on the design need to be agreed upon prior quoting. 

Hope this would help you to plan your order...:)

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