Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Azali - thanks to Iza

This my first commissioned cuppies and my first football themed cuppies....and all I can say is PHEW! Glad I really did it....
These cuppies was ordered by my colleague, Iza for her hubby's (also my colleague) birthday yesterday 7th July 2010...She wants a green colored cuppies with a football player standing with a leg on top of a ball...initially I agreed, but thinking the figurines would be taller than the standard box, we settle on squatting position instead (and still, I can't close the cuppy box.).
 I am very excited by this project but at the same time, I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to pull it through...especially doing buttercream icing...I have bad memories with buttercream...But for the sake of my new found obsession and great encouragement from Nan..I brave myself...and here goes
I plan the design and work carefully...to minimize error. But things never follow according to plan, do they? I have plan to sculpt the figurine during the weekends (which, thankfully I did)...to bake cuppies Monday night and Tuesday night I'll whip up the buttercream and decorate...
If u know about Murphy's Law, you would guess that my plan is not going smoothly. Anything that can possibly go wrong, does....Of all the WRONGS that could happen, who would have guessed a broken kitchen sink faucet!!...OMG!
You may think...whats the big deal, just get a plumber to do it...The big deal is where to look for a plumber who can come to your house after office hour...after much struggling, my faucet was replaced on Tuesday night...Great! I have only few hours, to bake and decorate...unwilling to surrender and admit defeat, I push myself the whole night with few hour sleep to accomplish the job.
 Unlike fondant, buttercream needs a whole lot of practice...it is not easy to maneuver the piping tip while squeezing the piping bag (and with my problematic hand..it is more difficult)...u need to prepare different buttercream consistency for different design..
 It is not easy to achieve my desired colors...thankful for my basic knowledge in arts, I manage to get deep red, grass green and black by mixing lots of other colors (mental note: need to buy black Americolor).
 I am sheepishly proud to say I've got myself a good collection of piping tips which I never got a chance to use before...and I have used 3 specialized piping tips for the grass, goal net and the ribbon stripe...3 different sizes of round tips..(I'll get u the tips number when I can).
 When u look carefully, my handwork is not fine..means I need a lot of practice
If u must know, I am not good estimating the amount of buttercream to be colored...hence my original design need to go...and this is my impromptu design...(mental note: double the buttercream recipe)
Although my work is nothing to shout about...but I am still sheepishly proud of it, and will do a better one next time..InsyaAllah
To dear Iza...thank you for trusting me, and hopefully u are satisfied (albeit the imperfections)...hope u n Azali enjoy the chocolate cake :)


  1. thanks a lot kak cue....sangat2 puas ati...menjadi surprise iza semalam...syg nk mkn...tunggu ank iza bsar ckit,bole bt padang bola besar punye ok... :D

  2. wow...cue dh makin terror sekarang..tahniah sis ! teruskan usaha..i'll be watching u..he he

  3. huhuhu...baru nk menapak kak...maseh belajar lagi...