Friday, July 9, 2010

A Girl in the Garden

Lady In Garden ~ 5 June 2010

After learning about fondant, I did not jump into it as my focus is solely on my work....so I can't juice out my creativity...a fail attempt to bake an Ultraman theme birthday cake for my nephew demotivate me furthermore...
Days, weeks and months went by...n I've yet to explore my deco skill. But I am diligent (or greedy) enough to purchase some of the required tools and ingredient :).

A good friend of mine, Nanie have converted her interest in shopping to baking. Obsessed with her new found hobby, Nanie always doing her own practice with buttercream decoration. I'm at awe with her creation. (and a bit jealous too!)....I'll post her creation for your eyes pleasure (with her permission of course!) later...

After months of feasting my eyes on others cuppies n cakes creation....and at Nanie's encouragement...I finally push myself to have practice on fondant. You see...when I am obsessed with sumthing, I will search high and low anything about it....I have many ideas with fondant but the questions remains...when will I get my butt off my sofa and start walking the talk..

Then...something hit me and finally I have a great idea...Since Nanie is my closest bake in partner, why not introduce her all about fondant (after all she have mastered the art of buttercream) and may be she would love it like I do! It would be fun to explore new things with her since we share the same interest...and FUN it is (psst...Nan is LOVING fondant now....hahaha) . By the way...Nan sculpted this cute ducky...

I am so engrossed in sculpting figurines that I did not realize the time flew  by me...and the challange of all is making poeple figurines....I want to make a cute adorable girl wearing cute gowns...but turned up my doll wears baju kurung hahaha....oh, well...what we can't do , we improvise...Nan did that bunny also...and other things that I cant post in here *winks*.

 It took us whole day to finally complete the Lady in Garden cuppies...I am very excited how well it turned out...not after having trouble getting the fondant consistency right (we used up to 1.5 kg of icing sugar ~maybe due to humid air but it turn out really smooth and pliable) and my undefeated effort to get a bright red color (I am mixing 2-3 different reds to get the right hue *sigh*).

If u love or hate this...leave me your comments....I would love to hear your say...


  1. nur intan serafini yusoffJuly 10, 2010 at 12:08 AM

    oucchhhh!! kak cue! i luv it! so creatif!


  2. thnx intan..this is a way for me de-stressing myself...

  3. are u saying nanie has turned form a shopaholic to a bakeaholic..... hahaha.... you've transformed her?

  4. yes lina....indeed i did transform nani from shopaholic to bakerholic hahaha...yay to me...n once in a while she would take order from her frens...n right now she have a serious obsession to cheese cake...

    both of us like baking but on different aspect, I like the deco part...whereas nanie is more of the cake part...hahah