Friday, August 13, 2010

Batik Collection 040810 (with head scarf)

1. Kod BS004: Batik Digital RM 320.00

Simple water-color-like design for a minimalist. A subtle choice for office wear.

Color variation:
2. Kod BS005: Batik Digital RM 320.00

3. Kod BS006: Batik Digital RM 320.00

4. Kod BS007: Batik Digital Nusantara Silk RM 380.00

Puppet shadow inspired motif batik silk. Delicate design for exclusive wear.

 Color variation

4. Kod BS008: Batik Digital Nusantara Silk RM 380.00

5. Kod BS009: Batik Floral Classic Silk RM 380.00

 A collector must have batik. Enchanting coloring technique of authentic batik.

6. Kod BS010: Batik Catriona Silk RM 260

A dual pattern design ideally for Baju Kurung, Kebaya or any 2 piece style. Color and design is suitable for office wear.

 7. Kod BJ001 Classic Floral Jacquard RM 380

Vibrant colors with intricate design. A great choice for festive celebration.

8. Kod HS001: Floral Embroidery Head Scarf  (light pink) RM 65

 Flower center are 'sprinkled' with crystals
 The reverse side are bautifully crafted (should u wear your scarf inside out :P, no problem)
 The crystal adorned used to make rose bud design.

8. Kod HS002: Floral Embroidery Head Scarf  (light yellow) RM 65

8. Kod HS002: Floral Embroidery Head Scarf  (orchid purple) RM 65

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