Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tomorrow will be Malaysian 53th Independence Day (Hari Merdeka).....a national celebration with glorious fireworks and countdown party on the eve of Merdaka day...followed by elaborate and colorful parade by various institution. This is a typical Merdeka celebration....a day fill with fun and joy....

Malaysian are known as a unique country....a home for different races, vast choice of food, culture fusion and hospitality. Even with differences among us, we remain in peace and harmony.

I grew up in Kuching town...where  Chinese (220,400), Malays (207,000), Ibans (58,100) and other ethnic groups (as in 2006 census). It is a natural setting for me, to accept others differences in the way others accept mine. In primary school, my best friends was a Chinese and a Bidayuh...because, we looked pass our differences. When I worked in Transwater not long ago, in a Purchasing Department...we are the BEST team albeit different races....I also known a nice and sweet girl Sobina whom I regard as my little sister because she believe and trust in  me, even in difficult situation....a proof that Malaysian indeed are far more advance than other developed countries...we are harmony not because we have to...but we want to...as it has been during Malacca empire.

For the past few years, some 'poisonous' voice have raised issues that 'tickle' our harmony for their own selfish reason. It is a pity, to have them as my fellow countrymen....as they fail to pay respect to sacrifices made by our ancestor...and they do not appreciate the sweat and blood from our brave soldiers...died in the field of battle...to protect this beloved country from cunning Briton, ruthless Japanese and cruel Communist. How I wish, aside all the happening parties and glamorous parade, we could celebrate Merdeka day with more respectful manner to the ones who brave themselves, selfless leaving their home, wives and children...reminisce the past, and be thankful for their brave soul and ensure that their death are not in vain.

I wish we continue to be harmony for years to come
I wish some selfish people would stop poisoning us
I wish we love fellow Malaysian more

As a teacher myself...I often wonder, if our younger generation would sacrifice their lives for our country honor? When they couldn't sacrifice their time for knowledge?

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