Friday, July 16, 2010

Second time is a charm?!

Getting so motivate at my first successful sale, I immediately whipped up 2 doz of cuppies for the next sale. This time I choose to bake orange cuppies. Yummy if u really like orange.
Determine in perfecting my flower deco, I opt for rose bouquet and as u can see...not successful one...but I do admit, the color is impressive, dont u think?
Nevertheless...I am still happy doing this...and keep on going while I can....hahah....


  1. mmm....looks real yummy..- i think they look fab... good for you gal

  2. JD: Bila ktk ada masa tok ho? hohohoh

  3. nalisa: thnx...keep on commenting!! i like... :)
    JD: mlm n dinihari....penat tp hati gumbira