Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy Bee Me

Hi everyone...hope u have been missing me :). I've been super busy lately....with classes and cuppies. Though I am exhausted to every being of my cells, I am in total bliss....hahaha....I get a chance to squeeze out my creative juice outta my system....talking about pent up energy!

For the last four days, I manage to decorate 3 doz of cuppies and deliver an order of 16 cuppies....talking about sleepless nights and sleepy afternoons!! To my own amazement, I still be able to conduct my class fairly well (without dozing off...)...but I dont think it is good for my health and state of mind....so I need to plan my work and my hobby from now own...I can't afford to be zombie all the time...

Now I am relaxing my tired muscles and all....while updating blog about my cuppies...so stay tune!

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