Friday, July 16, 2010

My Second Attempt For A First Sale

After a heartbreaking failure (see here ) I am looking forward to bake and decorate another batch of cuppies. Unwilling to strain myself, I bake only a dozen cuppies this time. Baking is not tough...but the decorating part IS ..especially the buttercream...to this day, buttercream is still my nightmare.
 As first impression are important, I select electrifying blue n yellow color to grace my cuppies. The decoration part is the most exciting part of all...I choose rosette as my deco theme just to practice my piping technique...and I need a lot more....so it seems. And I got carried away too...and it got crazy....haha notice that each cuppy have 'unique' design?
When I whipped up the buttercream...I didn't follow exactly the recipe...I go by taste....and its delish! But its consistency worries me....and I am right to be worried...by warm climate such as here, the buttercream 'expand' (shall I say that?)...but piping the rosette is not much difficulty, I just need to get use the twirling of my wrist n the pressure I should assert on the piping bag. I enjoy piping the leaves though.....hahah coz it is so easy, nothing would go wrong
So I brought my 'crazy' cuppies...hoping nobody would pay attention to its imperfection. But I get compliments instead :) (hahah...i take it that they really mean it....). Yay! A booster for my crushed confident!!! And I vow, not to succumb to my laziness when it comes to buttercream...I MUST PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Hopefully I can be one with my buttercream...figuratively speaking, that is..(dont get any weird ideas people!)
The other reason why buttercream and me have this love/hate relationship is the greasy, slimy feel of anything when in contact with buttercream...and it drive me crazy...but now thanks to my sis who have donated her old jug water heater...I can efficiently skim of the grease on any surface....Yay!!!
A cuppy for my agent...my rossete is getting wild there...

The sale was really quick...and to my own amazement, I even got commissioned! Though tired and busy as I am...I will not passing up this opportunity...as i like the idea of themed cuppies...
I'm really lightheaded now...the path have been laid out for me...thanx to my agent for his diligent effort in convincing me to do this...I am not ready before...but now, bring it on...(hahah being corky, aren't I?)

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