Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fondant First Love

Du Naque Confectionary is being well received by my students...like myself, too much too learn equals to high cravings for sweet stuff....and here I came to the rescue (hehe)....I know my In Love Choc Moist is a hit, I have yet to feel satisfied...there is more to a cuppies than just a cake..

Like a sudden lightning...it came to me that decorating the cuppies is what I really want. Realizing my poor knowledge n also skill in cuppies deco, I've enrolled to a class somewhere in Seremban...where I learn about buttercream and fondant. Hence, the picture above was taken...that was my REAL decorated cuppies. 

My love turns to fondant. For those who wonder what is fondant, let me tell u. It is a type of icing consist of 97% icing sugar. It tasted really sweet...flavor it with peppermint and ~tada~ u just made urself a chewy mentos...heheh...Some people ask me to cut the sugar...but sorry, no can do....the sugar helps  with the dough consistensy...hence it is very easy to manipulate as long as you have the right tools and imagination....

More about fondant deco soon....

Note: This cuppies was made last year...around August...


  1. terkilas ku terpandang... ingatkan pondan... oh... fondant rupa2nye.... mun rajin terlebih hantar2 lah yg extra ya ke btu

  2. oh yeah, how can we ever forget your first ever batch of cuppies...most of them ended up in my mulut and those of the 3A's... hahaha

  3. haha...wait for raya..thinking of making an elaborated raya cake