Sunday, July 4, 2010

From Ville to Garden

 Note: Pic credit to www.essential-architecture.com

Suria Garden is the name given to my home in Kuching...I was originally the youngest in my family for 9 years, and we never expect to have my little bro...My father thought it would be fitting to use my name for our home since I was born after my family move in the house...He told me that our garden need the sun to grow....and Suria is a sanskrit for sun...hence the name

Since then, I've using it as my brand (if I may say so)....which sumtimes irked my sisters...they sumtimes leave it out in our address...LOL!! What can I do, the name is commercial alrite?

Remember my dream for a little garden cafe?? Well...it does not fit well with ville, do they? For the sake of consistency and appropriateness, I hereby announcing the changes in this blog name from Suria Ville Cafe to Suria Garden Cafe...


  1. ehem... are those sisters of yours include yours truly here... ngeh3x

  2. hahaha....maybe i shuld propose the name of our little dynasty to be Suria Ville....hahaha