Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bintulu Trip

This was long due posting that I wanted to share...about my trip to Bintulu. I went there on 10 June 2010 to visit my brother n sister. I don't expect much from Bintulu but I am pleasantly surprise how lovely and homey Bintulu are.
 Bintulu in some part, feels like and old town. Because they have this old growing trees that have been part of its lanscape for many years. This is what I like the most about Bintulu...rows of shady trees casting shadows on busy town road...and in certain point u feel like in an French village.
 Bintulu city is situated near coastal area...means there is abundance of fresh seafood...and it is very cheap too. The most significant Bintulu product is prawn cake (belacan)...it is a very much sought after and it is very expensive too. It was sold for RM 20 per half kg....it makes me think that cheese are no longer an expensive item to buy nowadays.
 Ah....and then there is Pasar Tamu...where all the good n great stuff in Bintulu are displayed for our greedy eyes. I'm impressed with the cleanliness and well organized market. Wish we have this type of market in Seremban.
 In all I love Bintulu (but not as much as I love Kuching)...its a good place to have quiet and peaceful vacation. Just don't expect lavish shopping places....but expect its quite uniqueness...
I am embarassed to show this but what the heck...this is a strawberry cuppies I made special for my family. My family is kinda impressed that I can make such cuppies (because as they know me before, baking is not really my forte....until recently)....see how squashed the cuppies looked? Hahah...its due to my rough handling while transporting the poor thing....lesson to be learn here? Place a double tape under that cuppies...to ensure safe transporting...hahha


  1. Last i kat Bintulu was like 20 yrs ago.... masa tu selalu pegi sabah sarawak, bintulu, miri, sandakan transit ngan MAS... i miz those day...

  2. kak ayu dulu stewardess ke? besh nye dpt travel...kalo akak pegi la nih, maybe byk dah berubah kot....like kuching....in 14 yrs, so much hv changed...