Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ebab and Melah - Thanx to Iza

Today's flavor is chocolate...commissioned by Iza (her second time) for her dear sister n niece. I am so flattered to have a repeated customer...hope she will be one of my regulars...
 Her request was to have red, pink and white theme...which I am gladly to oblige....coz it is a theme for romantic roses, don't you think?
 Lesson for today is, make sure the message pop out and easy to the eyes...mine here is kinda painful, hahah....This is not my fav part of the cuppies...
 This is my fav part....working with workable buttercream is such a great feeling....like I own the world (hahah...the drama queen in me is here)...
 But coloring it RED is sure a hassle n lots of (I mean really A LOT) of coloring...at first, it is right red but after I've tweaked the buttercream....the shade is getting darker to a MAROON!!*sigh* (Mental note: Need to charge extra for red and need to tweak first before coloring)
 However....I 'get' the correct buttercream consistency...and this makes me really happy....yippeee!!!


  1. dont be disheartened... keep on practising.. knowing how passionate & determined u r, you'll perfect it in no time

    the dream: make du'naque a household name ;)

  2. thnx dear...now I am REALLY OBSESSED with baking and such...and planning to bake cookies for raya..Insya Allah...the good thing with this obsession, I have a reason to get my butt off the couch...but instead my body ache....oh well...obsession pun pasal...

    the dream is BIGGER than that....the DREAM is to open my own cafe (which located next to my-will-be house with garden concept :))

  3. nanie berkata - "jgn kau sik jadi molah cookies ya. terlalu byk dh perisa yg kau beli ari ya" :)

  4. hahah..nanie syg...i will...promise...mun sik pakey jual pun pakey ku raya kelak :) btw, aku ada beli mags saji bln ogos...byk recipe biskut...hehehe