Friday, July 30, 2010

Batik Collection 290710

1.Kod BS001: Batik Nusantara Silk - RM 380.00

One of the high-end collection from Kelantan designer....the motifs resembles intricate design of Wayang Kulit (Puppet Shadow - also famous in Kelantan). Color is soothing cool. Great for formal function.Comes in a box.

2. Kod BSJ002: Batik Floral Classic Silk and Jacquard - RM 320.00

Comes in two piece with different textile material, silk and jacquard....classic floral with a modern twist design. Color is a vibrant combination of purple and cherry blossom pink. A great fabric for baju kurung or kaftan -style dress...A heads turner choice. 


3. Kod  BS002: Batik Feather Silk - RM 260.00

A modern motif in a different tone of magenta color. The motifs adorn the peripheral of the fabric. Another fabulous choice for formal function. 


4. Kod BS003: Batik Floral Classic Silk - RM 350

An exclusive lively intricate design with a vintage persona. Combination color is mainly soft green and blue....with touches of gray for elegant effect. An evergreen must have.

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