Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Precious Samsung S760

This is my baby...given to me by my bro (albeit reluctantly, of course) because father have given him his, and my father himself bought a new camera....hahah...and I am the lucky one!!

I am not that into photography initially, but since I'm into my hobby such as baking, cake decor and betta...my need for a camera is undeniable...I mean, how can I share my creation without a pics in this blog? My post would surely be boring, kan??

After returning to Seremban, I came to realize that I left my camera in Kuching *a full hard smack on my forehead*...can't believe myself, such a nitwit *grrrrr*. How am I suppose to blog, then??

Low and behold...for I am not a dimmer yet...I quickly find a solution for this i.e to ask my students from Kuching to bring it to me...hehehe...

Now, my precious is lying next to my keyboard...awaits to serve me...and SPECIAL THANX TO MY LIL BRO AND AZIZI ABDUL WAHAB for helping me out...without u, I am at my wits end :(

Note: Can't wait upload pics of my lemon cake and cuppies I made for Intan

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  1. I say, am so jealous... need to get myself one too... how much for this model, do u know?